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October 14, 2020


Ishvara feels the need to move language in a direction that can redefine “spiritual teacher” as one who is teaching Life, one who is teaching from the direct experience of Life, not through system, belief, concept, lineage or tradition. The path Ishvara created for humanity in this process is called “Enlifement”.

Enlifement is an inclusive process that transcends past systems, structures, and concepts as well as religious and spiritual phenomena, including enlightenment. EnLifement has no ceiling or limitation. It is an all-inclusive, moment-by-moment awakening to the highest possibilities of which a human being is capable in the moment. It is totally unrestricted, without boundary.

As you embrace this and awaken to this awareness, you are entering the path of Enlifement, discovering your potential, your uniqueness, your talents, and your abilities that express Life as an individual conduit of Wholeness.

“I see my function as being this example of what is possible in human existence, without separating from humanity. I’m here to prove that it is not separate. I am a spiritual being. I am full Consciousness. Yet I am very human. I feel that this is what the world has been waiting for. Most masters who have come upon the scene have been elevated, made to be ‘Divine,’ and misinterpreted. I feel that these masters never wanted or expected that kind of separation.”

From time to time The Consciousness says, “We’ve already done this, it’s time to move on.” So periodically there are unique expressions of The Consciousness who come upon the scene and upset all the beliefs and the systems. They are not separate or above anyone else. Rather, they are a point of existence that causes all the other points to take notice, to become more real, to move to another level of existence.”

“I see my position as being an embodiment of what is possible for the human being. My life has been a laboratory of higher possibilities that have been tested and are now being presented to those around me. This creates an altered space, or a “Buddha space” as some call it. The energy around me is accelerated. When people get close to me they feel this acceleration. This scares some people away. Others find they can’t leave it.

Ishvara calls this next level of burgeoning human existence, the “New Human”. For the New Human, the body will be more fluid-like, more flexible, almost like the flexibility of plants which bend and move with the flow. The energy field of the brain-body will be more intense, insulating you from many environmental influences.

As the New Human, we will no longer think of ourselves as separate individuals, but as cosmic beings, pieces of the energy, the synergy, of the cosmos. In that awareness, Life is no longer a matter of, “What’s in it for me?”, but rather, “What is good for the whole? How does this serve Life for the next 10,000 years?”


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