The Ishvara Enlifement Podcasts

A Personal Interview with Ishvara by Author, Ana Peters

December 8, 2020

Ana Peters, Author of "The Soul Caller" and recipient of literary awards in the U.S. for her essays about the war in Bosnia, sat with Ishvara in Santa Fe, NM for an in-depth personal interview that covers Ishvara's unprecedented awakening event in 1987 and the quiet yet historic importance in moving forward human corporeal form, higher knowing and unlimited possibilities.

Religions, disciplines and ways of being are also discussed from the lens of historical adherence to systems and structures versus the emerging path of what Ishvara calls "Enlifement". Enlifement is revealed as the path of embracing Life, allowing one's uniqueness to emerge with deepening clarity, integrating and evolving free of concepts, systems and limitations. 

Ishvara discusses humanity's state of chaos as a consequence of long held beliefs about separation; separate Nations, separate people, separate beliefs, with media mostly fortifying this separation and boundaries which can be very destructive. 

 "It can be messy shaking loose consensus structures and beliefs that hold chaotic separation and suffering", says Ishvara. Ishvara speaks to holding higher possibilities, exemplifying Cosmic intelligence and presenting harmonic, compassionate ways of perceiving and being Life --- allowing Life to be the ultimate Teacher.

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